Can Xiaomi win the Race by introducing the First 5G smartphone Xiaomi MI Mix 3?

The information and communication technology giants are actively thriving for the introduction of 5G cellular data technology in the Worlds. 5G or the 5th Generation mobile internet or cellular broadband connectivity has been actively pursued and successful experiments have already been conducted. Different cellular service providers like Verizon, Ericson, European mobile companies, ZTE, Huawei and Vodafone have already signed the deals with numerous ICT companies to install, launch and operate 5G data services for their customers.

5G which is going to succeed 4G will take downloading and data speed to a new and thinkable levels. A whole movie of about 1GB will be downloaded in just few seconds with 5G enabled network and smartphone. Experts have said that 5G can be installed in the existing infrastructure of cellular companies. Despite all the serious efforts, 5G is only expected to be starting till 2020. Technically speaking, the download speed of 5G mobile broadband is 10 times faster than the best available 4G networks in the World.

The 5G internet is going to completely change the world in a matter of time. From online shopping to online banking, Education, trade, Governance, Freelancing and remote work etc. everything is going to be revolutionized the with the coming 5G network.

Xiaomi and 5G

Xiaomi is a Chinese ICT company which develops a range of ICT accessories including smartphones. Xiaomi smartphones have alarmingly threatened the monopoly of iPhone, Samsung and other smartphone giants. Xiaomi offers smarter phones at cheaper rates with better quality which has earned respect and trust from consumers for the company.

Xiaomi is planning to launch its 5G enabled smartphone which is going to be the world’s first 5G smartphone in the world and that is not other than the Xiaomi MI Mix 3. Another Chinese cellular service provider Zong is planning to launch 5G services in Pakistan very soon.

The director product management at Xiaomi Mr. Donovan Sung tweeted a photo showing the Xiaomi MI Mix 3 being tested for 5G mobile communications. Xiaomi has started the race for 5G domination with the expected launch of their first 5G enabled Xiaomi MI Mix 3 in the next few months.

The Verizon has already launched a 5G network in three major US cities only for residential consumers. The complete coverage for mobile phones will be launched very soon. For the time being, the 5G services by Verizon are fixed not offered for mobile uses.

According to news reports, Xiaomi has been working on battery upgrades for its new data giant Xiaomi MI Mix 3. This huge data transfer will need enormous battery backup and this is the right time to plan about it. The initially tested 5G smartphones were found with big problem of battery which was quickly drained by enormous speed and volume.

Xiaomi has been ever growing smartphone and ICT pioneer in the world. The Xiaomi MI Mix 3 is the part of its ambitious plans to capture ICT and smartphone markets Worldwide with smarter, cheaper and innovative creations in the field of mobile phones industry. The Xiaomi MI Mix 3 is expected with a bezel-less sliding camera.

Xiaomi MI Mix 3 is expected for launch in October this year. The level of data transfer has been found slightly different in different experiments but rumors suggest that speed of data transfer with 5G network would be far greater than that of 4G network.  According to experts, existing mobile boasters and tower infrastructure will be able to accommodate the technology of 5G data transfer and no extra efforts will be required as such.

As the rollout of 5G networks and 5G enabled smartphones is expected in 2020, it has been reported that bending and carving mobile screens are expected by 2020. According to leaked information, the Xiaomi MI Mix 3 is going to have the 6GB gigantic memory which will better support the 5G data transfer service.

The processor is said by the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, however, the Qualcomm introduced its first 5G enabled chip or processor some weeks ago which pave the way for 5G services by 2020. The Xiaomi MI Mix 3 has a beautiful screen with a size of 6.4 inches fingerprint scanner and face detection technology.

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